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All that Matters!

More than a few times I’ve had to check myself.

4 allowing what someone else thought of me, to become my “truth”.

Sheesh! What a disservice it is, when we allow for others feelings of SELF to be the priority of our existence.


So - this is our collective agreement to no longer allow this. To decide that our opinion of SELF is the priority, and quite frankly the only one that matters.

I see perception as a pair of sunglasses. You can take it offf, you can put it on.

However, it is in relation to how you see your life, & what you are viewing.

So the message here is simple, keep ya sunglasses on the shade that best suits you.


This ties into taking up space & being who you are, WITHOUT reflecting on what the outside may think.

I’ve gotten to such a serene place of doing what makes me FULL & HAPPY.

This came from my distinct realization that I am here to make my soul feel fulfilled, NOONE ELSES. no one else’s soul is to be fulfilled by I, so how about a no.


What the outside thinks, is no longer your concern. What do you think? What do you feel? … about self ?

That’s the simplicity of this life. Asking Yourself, Feeling Yourself, Expressing Yourself & not being concerned about how anyone or anything on the outside will perceive that!


let’s break the thought patterns that don’t serve us. 1 at a time.

Your perception of self is all that matters, hold that truth & embrace it!

& this also means! That you need to make sure your perception of SELF, is high frequency. love, care, compassion, acceptance of SELF!

Chyaaaa Feeelllsss!?

“I release the thoughts of what someone else may perceive me as.

All that matters is what I perceive me as.”

- Feels Of Foreal ❤️‍🔥

Peace & Love,


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