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Image by Florian Klauer

Being free in your self expression! - Foreal

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Whewww, living in 2020, where things are in front of you constantly that influence your perspective!!!

that alone is a headliner! You’ve made it through & you’re here!

& that! Is a huge deal!

I have been observing (highkey virgo energy), & through my observations- I’ve realized how timid most people are when it comes to making their expression of self.

here are three3 rules I live by:

  1. No matter what I say or do, I am and will always be m e.

  2. I am here on this earth to be free. my souls deserves to live in its fullness, by just being all things that feel like love & spark happiness.

  3. We are creative beings, why would I diminish my individuality to match somone else’s. Individuality is what keeps the self expression fresh and exciting. No one can be me, so I must fulfill my divine being.

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