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Divine Downloads: Ep. 1

Heylo, Wahgwan! It’s Foreal, back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


I move with the feels of my spirit, so 9/10 I’ll never be appealing to those that are opposed to living as a free spirit.

This brings me to the topic of todays blog, a new series called: divine downloads.


This series will feature; in the moment, God led, divine downloads. So prepare to giggle, relate, and gain wisdom from these.

This past week the question to self has been, what is in the way of my “ materialistic / physical success ”?


The answer is:

Only thing standing between me and my “success in the physical realm” ..

Is me 😭 it’s my mind, allowing for there to be fluidity of my spirit here.

It’s my mind not hesitating, but flowing with the feels of my spirit, my intuition.

It’s my mind & body, not resisting its abundance with thoughts and feelings of the opposite of what god feels for me.


See here’s the thing, the mind thinks it runs the game of life .. and it will if we let it.

Or we can guide it to be led by our spirit, which is our highest self.


Our mind is like a switchboard, and it certainly operates as one. So, when we have a thought .. it plays all of the songs (feelings, people, places + things) that are aligned to the current choice of thought. And the thought train, goes on and on until you stop it.


Now, a step further ..

We are naturally vibrating in every moment of life. We are vibrational creatures, and when we think about something .. we initiate feels (vibration) also.


Sometimes our spirit, or our higher self is channeling an idea from source energy & our mind is blocking it with its supreme: over protective nature.

Our mind has a plethora of programs that declare how to move in certain situations.. some of those times, the mind says “no, don’t do that.. we could get hurt”

& it’s simply because the mind hasn’t registered that this indeed is exactly what my spirit needs.


See .. our mind has the job of “keep this user safe.” So when doing new or unfamiliar things, we could get indicators from the mind to fight or flight. I am guilty of choosing the flight option, often.


This is why it’s important to monitor your thoughts. Monitor the ones that you shy away from, and the ones that you seem to allow to stay with ease.

Monitor the way you feel towards yourself, and shift it to being more positive.


Consider your mind like your life bank, the more you have in it negative or positive.. will directly affect your every day life.

It’s no one else, it’s you. Become your biggest cheerleader, not your biggest enemy.


There is an immediate shift when we do this.

So get out your own way, and allow spirit to lead you. Listen to your intuition and flow with what ignited a spark inside of you.

Use the mind and body for your best good, not the opposite. Okay!?

Peace & Love y’all,

Foreal 🥰

Feel free to send a love donation if this resonated with you!!

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