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Focus On Feeling Good.

Heylooo! Wagwaannn, it’s Foreal - back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness!


Welcome to this weeks lesson.

I applaud you for being here & deciding to show up for YOU. That’s a huge part of the baby steps we take to our most blissful journey.

So, you know how last weeks blog touched on changing the channel? And how we feel based on the channel we are on? This is in alignment with that.


A mantra I have been frequently repeating to myself is, “focus on feeling good”. The moment I say it, it triggers thoughts that are aligned with me feeling good. Whether it’s something in the now that I can appreciate, or it’s something that I can reflect on.

When we decide, everything else correlates with that decision.

Isn’t that magical?

Isn’t it extremely relieving?

To me it is.

Remember, our minds are a switchboard & we decide what channel it is on. It’s time we move in awareness of that & decide our channels intentionally!


Now, heres 3 things that we can intentionally FOCUS on in a moment of despair:

  1. The very b r e a t h e we just took.

  2. Some delicious food.

  3. Self love; admiration of self.

This doesn’t mean that you’re never going to be in a bad mood or have bad thoughts. Being a human, is about balancing both positivity and negativity.

I think it’s safe for us to say that negative thoughts make you feel bad. And the same vice versa - positive thoughts make you feel good!


(disclaimer I am currently a dialysis patient) There has been countless times that I have been sitting at dialysis and I have used the mantra “focus on feeling good” or something very similar to keep my spirits up during treatment.

& guess what? It works every single time!

Whether it’s my mind that’s being negative, or my body hurting, or me just being antsy and not wanting to sit still!

Why does it work?

Because our thoughts are in control of our feelings.

- What we think is what we feel. -


Our feelings can always change!

we can always switch it, because every moment is different.

Keep in mind that you needn’t be in bondage, ever. I know it’s harder some times over others, but it’s always possible to lift your feels!! When you focus on feeling good, you align with more moments that feel good. Life is a cycle & whether you believe it or not, whatever channel/frequency you are on, is exactly what you continue to attract.


(I sent this to a friend today & I thought this message is great for you too.)

- “You are powerful beyond measure. This physical body can not diminish the infinite power that is inside of you.”

There you have it.

Take control of that mind of yours! As time progresses I will continue to give you new mantras! These mantras are uplifting and helping you get to your most blissful life!

The mantra I want you to work into your habitual thoughts is, “focus on feeling good”!

*4* words that will immediately trigger greater, happier, more calming thoughts.

Don’t let your mind control you. You control your mind.

That’s all for now peepsss. I send you with the frequency of 444.

I love you & I am sending you virtual hugs as you journey through earth this week.❤️

Peace & love,

Foreal 😘

Donations not required but infinitely appreciated!

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abundant feels. thank you!

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