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This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

Image by Florian Klauer

Giving Self Permission to LIVE

I say the time is now, always. The time to live freely is now. The time to feel abundance, is now. The time to feel beautiful, is now. The time to love yourself is now. The time to shift your perspective, is now. The time to feel royal, is now. The time to feel infinite, is now. 888

All of this is true if you decide for it to be.


Giving permission to that which you want to enter your life is LIBERATING.

I give myself permission to let go. Let it the fuck go! Whewwww. And it feels so liberating to say okay & have the knowingness that everything will and IS STILL flowing in divine. I remind myself that I am in control & IN my being in control, I am truly allowing the universe & I to coexist on this plane of existence. Without resistance, feeling ease, and intentionally breathing.


Not every day will be easy. But all day’s are worth it. It’s a lesson, or it’s favor but in all - it’s your journey so embrace all parts of it. As we give ourselves permission to breathe, be, exist & live fully - we are unlocking this inner standing that all things are ever flowing & it all starts with our feels and our decisions. This month and for forever more, I manifest the alignment to my truest flow. & I welcome you to join me on this frequency. Firstly, by giving permission to the frequency’s we wish to welcome in this physical reality.


There is nothing unattainable. There is nothing that can’t be. All things are & in that, everything is infinite. Get out of your own way you have the capacity to be hugeeeee, major!


Happy NEW-VEMBER, cause with this short read you just redirected your life. Now act on it. Be fearless, let go, and give self the permission to have and be all that is most desired by theee!

Be sure to complete the journal prompt on your own time:

“In this new chapter I give myself permission to ..”

-get deep, feel, be true to yourself & remember that nothing is impossible. what do you want?-

Thank you for showing up for you. Thank you for being here, I love you.

Peace & Love,


CEO of Feels Of Foreal

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