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Honesty Wins:

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Heylooo! Wagwaan!

It’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


The truth is the truth & that’s that!

We can try to run from it, we can even “hide”. But guess what? It always is the truth. The truth never stops being the truth. It is what it is - it’s always and in all ways going to be what it is. That is why honesty always wins!


Now that we got that out of the way. I want to touch on a couple of different things.

  1. Being honest.

Being honest, is more for self than it is for anyone else. Essentially honesty wins because it’s the truth & being aligned with the truth is being aligned with your truest AND being aligned with your truest leaves no room for the fluff.

I used to eat fluff all the time growing up (that stuff is crack) but not that fluff, the kind of fluff that stops you from being your truest, and is almost like a crutch to what is real.

A delusion.

Being honest saves time from unnecessary hibbadaaa haaa!

It also allows constant flow of divinity.

It also also, keeps things in their rightful places from the very beginning - leaving no room for confusion or doubling back.


2. Trust your gut. Trust your feels. That’s your truth. When you go against what you feel, whatever stems from that decision will be fake and will feel fake. You can fight it, but the fake-ness will always surface. Listening to and following your feels, in some scenarios may be scary - just remember to keep faith, because your feels are always right. & you will always be protected in the trueness of them.

Honesty Wins.

Keep in mind that you’re truth, may not always be agreed by others and that’s fine.

That’s truly none of your business either.

We are here to live for self, and in doing so we must always do what’s best (what our feels is saying). In doing that, life flows with ease because HONESTY WINS.

Living a life of lies catches up to you sooner than later & you always have a chip on your back, that you’re constantly turning around to check on. That’s annoying if you ask me, that’s why I don’t live that way.


Lastly, let’s insert a mantra here:

- I am being honest with myself about myself, and the things I desire. (say 3x every rising)


To lie to yourself is the most goofiest thing I could think of. & I’m not calling you a bad person for doing it. Heck, most of us have done it - just because of THE society we live in and how we were raised.

However - now that we know better we do better!

You deserve to live in your truest form, to express your soul.

You deserve to feel fulfillment from your experiences.

You deserve to feel at ease and have peace in your life.

All of this becomes adhesive when you’re being honest, with yourself and with others.


So the moral of this blog is this, stop hiding behind lies. Own up to ya stuffff! And walk in your truth by living your truest.

(my floetry is real without me even trying!)

& don’t you forget! HONESTY WINS!

Go ahead and get you a shirt.

Peace & Love,

- Foreal

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abundant feels. thank you!

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