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*WARNING*: Not your average blog !

This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

Image by Florian Klauer


I’ve gone through many lessons and the core of all of them is the same ...



I am deserving of the magical serum, that is love. My birth right, says that I deserve the highest frequency in every aspect; which is loveee! OHKAAAY!


so truth telling time, I’ve always been confident, but I recently discovered that although I was sharing with the world my confidence there was a little voice inside of me that would compare my doings to others’ & that shitt was not cute let me tell you!


I decided that enough was enough, I silenced that voice once and for all by praising myself more !

giving myself the love that I wanted to receive from others. I also had to accept that, I CANT BE LIKE ANY ONE ELSE & NO ONE ELSE CAN BE LIKE ME.

*we are all individual*

I then came to realize that real self love derives from awareness of your truth ! ...

very simply put, all of this means exactly that! I came to the awareness of my truth !


there’s so many depths to our truth!

it is being infinite, being source, being full of oneself, being all that we are because no one else can. the truth about our love, is it wants to shine as bright as the sun!

* disclaimer: our souls are most fulfilled when we operate on the frequency of deserving/ness.

it’s time to allow LOVE to overflow in your life, by accepting that you deserve ittt! No one can claim it other than yourself.

it’s a frequency you have to vibrate on, in order to see it reciprocated into this physical reality.


vibrating on the frequency of deserving-ness, the frequency of love- is like a set of dominoes, one after another you see things in your life looking and feeling like love.


I told myself that despite being raised to shy away from who I am, that’s the exact opposite of what I needed to be doing. I declared that love is what makes me happiest, and seeing that in different forms is beautiful. One of my favorites is my bodily reaction to praise & appraisal. A second favorite is wealth, in knowledge, money, nutrition, significant other and sooo much more !


foreal foreal all of this love started showing up in every area of my life, and looking back it’s all because I started to put spells on myself (some call them affirmations)!

& it worked!

real, Real, REAL self love is derived from the awareness of your worthiness. Attaching to the knowingness that claims how righteous we all are.


see the thing is, most humans are wrapped up in what society makes us out to be & there’s a lot of misleading information out there!!! From a young age we are fed a misperception of loving oneself & it unfortunately has just grown as people hold unto them.

lets make a pact right here & now to serve ourselves justice ! By only giving off love! So that we then, as a dominoes effect only receive love !

peace & love y’all! I love you.

Foreal • CEO of Feels Of Foreal

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