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Image by Florian Klauer

Keep on Swinging

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Heylo! Wagwaan, it’s Foreal!

Back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness…

Lately, I’ve felt the need to just sit in solitude. As well as doing things that make me feel peaceful and relaxed. (maybe because it’s harvest season) Things that remind me life is beautiful, I am beautiful,  I am ok, it’s not THAT serious & all is always working out for me.

So last week - one day after a long dialysis treatment and my frequency being on that of irritation.. I said you know what! I’m going on a walk. (walking helps me feel sane & grounded)

I was so tired and just wanted to sleep, but I talked myself into taking a short walk before napping.

I left my phone at home..

31min I was away for. Complete reset. Complete vibrational pick me up.

Outdoors, enjoying nature. Affirming life and the beauty that exists..

As I walked to the swing in the park.. I felt my spirits begin to lift instantly, as my muscle memory remembered the happiness of being in the air, swinging.

I realized, for the 100,000th time - that the air is crisper the higher you get on the swing.

It caused me to reflect on “upgrading” or “climbing up the life/success ladder”…

So often “getting to the top” is looked at as a bad thing & I’m here to remind you that you deserve to live life large… in WHATEVER ways that you want to (everyone is different).

The air is more crisp the higher I get, simply because it’s more peaceful here. Here I am comfortable in my self worth, it's cozy.

<here being wherever I am> I have more clarity, I see from a birds eye view, I am tapped into a higher consciousness. Elevating, getting bigger, growing larger, is liberating. It’s scary at times, but kicking my feet back and forth on that swing reminded me that it’s all more than phenomenal.

I had to lose myself to find myself.. over and over and over again. It’s safe to do so.. so keep on swinging!

.. I am stepping out of my own way. Slaying life and swaying my feet - back and forth in divine unison.

& on the same token - I am taking out the “trash” accordingly. Trash being: people, places, things that no longer serve me in the now. It’s a new season! It’s time to fly and it’s usually advised to do so as light as possible!

.. all it was, was a 31min walk but it shifted so much in mind and perspective. As I got back home and was fixing up something to eat, I was hearing this divine message,

“They are ready to hear what you have to say.” In gratitude .. I’ve reflected on it for days. I live a life of alignment so last night, I cried while watching the last episode of the newest season of Raising Dion. When Esperanza was on stage singing, and she sang with all her soul - even though she had been nervous and had self doubt about her performance. & of course she did absolutely phenomenal!

When she finished, she was getting applauded and in looking out into the crowd embracing it - she noticed that Dion had made it back from the ultimate fight of justice. They both put up their triangle of justice sign and it was so precious it made me cry.

and I let myself cry. I let it flow & chuckled after.

I realized that I cried because in that moment it made me imagine how wonderful it must feel to: push past the fear of being vulnerable in your artistic expression - do what you love - do it in public - do it for others’ entertainment - they enjoy it - you’re admired - your best bud and peeps there to congratulate you. Wow.

So the challenge I leave you with is this.

<swing forward in your authentic expression>

life is meant to be lived. live it with spark, live it with pazaaz, bedazzle it even.


“My life is not always easy, but I got this”

“Manifesting a divine swing”

“My life is swinging in the right direction”

I love you.

Peace & Love,


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abundant feels. thank you!

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1 Comment

Wagwaan FOREAL

Wow this piece was well received thank you for sharing another masterpiece. It’s definitely necessary to take the trash out. I love your ”Mantras” the 1st one of them I say it daily. This piece is 🔥🔥🔥 thank you for your inspiration and leadership ✊🏾

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