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This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

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Life is a Balance:

Heyloo! Wagwannn, it’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


Life is truly a balance. It becomes a beautiful game of ping pong when we submit to its natural flow.

“There’s time for play & then there’s time to lay low.” - Feels Of Foreal

That’s the mere truth! There’s a time and place for everything, my parents used to say that to me all the time when I was younger! & I always understood it, but now I live it!

There’s a time and place for everything!


The truest beauty and divine flow of life is embracing the balance! Every phase comes along for a reason, they all matter and should all be appreciated. You know, the ying and the yang! The black and the white, the light and the dark! They all equal the same, and you simply can’t have one without the other.

It comes down to balancing them. When I think of balancing life, I think about being on a surfboard (tried it once while in Hawaii and it was ugly lol). Anyways!! Picture a real surfer, out there on them waves having the time of their life as they glide from side to side!

THAT! Is the best way I can help you visualize how to flow in balance with your life.

Picture this: each wave, is a different phase, but it’s still a wave to ride! So ride the wave of life! Love each and every wave, because they all come for a reason!


Now, there is a time to be outside & live lavishly! Then, there’s also a time to stay inside & sit with yourself!

Both sides need to be accounted for, again you can not have one without the other! They go hand in hand!

I’m at the place in life where I truly get this, because I truly get how our energy meter works!

I don’t care who you are, sometimes you need to STOP & REST! & yes I just yelled that to all the stubborn ones reading this!

Rest! Is just as productive as working!


Sitting with yourself is beneficial to your sanity, individuality, & solitude! It gives you time for tuning out the outside noise and re-grouping with self. We live amongst so much, we see so much, and truly the level of outside consumption that we have as humans is ALOT! So it’s important, to follow your feels and take time to rest when you have the urge to!

This can be staying in and watching your favorite shows, taking a bath, taking some extra time for genuine TLC (tender love & care), cooking/eating your favorite meal, journaling, meditation, sleeping, etc. The list of things are endless, but tap in to what feels best in that moment. Something that doesn’t require you to do too much thinking or physical labor!!!


Now, when it’s time to play you go all out! You live your best life and look good doing it, because you deserve that! & guess what? You will be able to show up as your best self because you did what was best, what was necessary & what was in balance - you rested. Call it a reset (read last weeks blog on resetting)

Do whatever makes you happy! For me, I love going out and just dancing! I can be all by myself & will have the time of my life, listening to good tunes and moving my body! This can be anything, from getting cute to take pictures, creating, taking a trip, linking up with friends and family, doing something fun that caters to your inner child, going out for a drink, etc. The opportunities are endless, just be sure to follow your feels and you’ll always have a good time!


Right now, we are in the first Mercury Retrograde of the year! Stay true to yourself, stay consistent in what makes you feel best, don’t double back on ex’s or past, rest & play accordingly, and take a couple deep breathes when you feel tried!

Mantra for this week: I am moving at my own pace, and embracing each phase!


That’s all for now folks, I love you & I love the fact that you’re here tappin in with the feels! Keep it cute, full of love & classy!

If this blog was a vibe to you, share it with a friend!

Cheers to a balanced life!

Peace & Love,



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abundant feels. thank you!

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