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Mastering Your Day!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Heyloo, wagwaannn. It’s Foreal, back at it with some more peace - some more love & some more happiness.


First things first, hey I’m glad you’re here !

Second things second. We got something to talk about!


Sooo. Have you ever had anyone ask you what your daily goals are like? Or what your daily routine is? For the rising or middle or setting of your day? Yea. It’s very rare!


I feel like in our society there’s a lot of people that’s fixated on like omg, what’s your 2yr goal? what’s your 5yr goal? what are you doing when you graduate college? what are you doing once you get this position at work? And it’s all cool, because we’re living in this society that is structured in a way where we all want to be top tier (whatever that means to you) but it’s all exterior & it’s all next next next, so far away.


The real success happens, when you master your every day habits as well as how you feel on a daily.

What do you do every single day? What do you take part in? Are you self sabotaging or are you self rewarding? Are you pouring into others more than self or are putting self as main priority?

Are you doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing - like meditating, working out, exercising your mind and body, taking a walk, connecting with nature, smiling/laughing, creating, passion living?


It comes to mastering it, mastering self. No, it’s not always going to be easy. Some days are going to be harder than others. Just keep in mind that it takes a decision. It takes discipline. It takes unconditional loving of self & life itself. When you love your present moment, you aren’t fixated on the fantasy of what could be, you start to create that in the now and let it be/let it become. You know it will be and that’s just that.


A lot of people in our society are fixated on 2yr and 5yr plans and not focused enough on mastering the days that equal those 5yrs. It’s like a fake mask (haha mask). Seriously though, it’s a mask to take away from the present.

Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely manifest your 2 & 5yr goals. You can do so, with INTENTIONAL imagining and visualization AND it is extremely powerful when done correct.

(On this note: stay tuned for the link to get tickets to Feels Of Foreal Vision Board Party: Date: December 5th, 2021 🥳🥳)

^At this event we will talk about the benefits of visualizing and manifesting our future. As well as creating individual vision boards!


But how about now? How about today? Sometimes, it becomes a bit too far stretched and obsessive to ALWAYS mentally be somewhere other than here.

The human experience isn’t perfect, but it’s about us finding perfection within our human experience anyways.

- that’s the simplicity -

So, I applaud you for having goals, dreams that you wish to accomplish! However, i dare you to implement mastering your day & see how much more at ease you feel about those dreams and goals you foresee in a latter time than now.


It’s easy to do, and it’s easy not to do,

But it is simple. Find happiness in your today, your now. Feel complete in your today, your now.


The other day upon rising, I decided to stretch like a deeeepp stretch and I felt so fulfilled ! & it’s like wow, something so simple. So prominently, can influence my mastering of the day. Can start me off on high frequency!


Here are a few simple things you can do daily to master your day!

  1. Stretch

  2. Journal

  3. Take a deep breathe (or many) when feeling overwhelmed

  4. Set daily goals/tasks and accomplish them (whether it’s laundry, homework, creating, being still, working out, sending emails, writing the proposal, or cleaning)

  5. Eat goood

  6. Laugh and have a good time

  7. Stay in a state of gratitude

Taking part in things that you can feel fulfilled in daily is like having a party everyday to celebrate. Well that’s how it feels, that’s what your mind essentially will reflect on, mini victories!

So yes. That’s that. We’re going to leave it right here. Pick up what I’ve been putting down (as Cap would say) and your daily experience as a human will change. Which in turn, will align you with your long foreseen goals. I assure you that you are powerful enough to attain all that you dream of, just don’t get too caught up in the excessive-ness of then. Get caught up in the excessive-ness of n o w.


I wish you a transformative now, today & all days. You are, and therefore I believe in you.

Sending you with peace, love and gratitude!

Peace & Love,


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