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Power of Being Present:

Heyloo! Wagwaannn! It’s Foreal. Back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness!


Have you ever felt mentally overwhelmed? Me too. As much as you feel like your world is caving in, the best thing to do is breathe & be present in the now. 9/10 of the times, what you’re OVER - thinking about is not even relevant in this moment.


Wow. What a past couple of weeks it has been! I was feeling so drained and had to constantly remind myself to be present & find something in the now to be grateful for!


One of the most valuable things for us to do, is shut off the mind when it’s doing too much. Our minds can truly run us into overdrive if we allow it to. My friends & I call this a spiral, some call it a rabbit hole. It’s real though. And a lot of times as humans we feel like we can’t control it, but that’s false. It can absolutely be controlled.


Here’s the life hack though! We are not our mind, we have a mind & we own that mind. It’s not the other way around. Our mind does not own or control us. We can always chose when to engage and when not to.


Amongst my personal journey, there’s been a few ways that I’ve been able to master being present. All of them however, are aligned with silencing the mind. I learned that having this sense of separation is crucial. It’s so liberating to know that this huge operational system in my head can be turned off if need be.


Being present is so powerful, and essentially helps us to enjoy life. Every moment is a present, a gift to say the least. When we are present, we have much more fulfillment. We aren’t living in another time per-say & that gives us a natural ease.

Enjoying life in every single phase is important because every moment is still apart of life - even if we don’t favor it. It still is.

It still is & it deserves you to embrace it.


I believe in the concept of appreciating all things and in turn having that appreciation continue to show up in your life. Read the ‘Gratitude’ blog for more about this.

For now, focus on being. Take time for silence, even a minute or two. That minute or two will impact you in ways you won’t know until you just do it.

Remember, being is all you need to do in the now. Despite popular belief, Being is more than enough. Focus on being still in the moments that allow you to.


3 things you can do to enjoy the now:

1.) meditate

2.) journal (get FOF journal in shop tab)

3.) state 3 things that you’re currently grateful for (check out FOF blog on this)


That’s all for now folks.

I wish you a beautiful week full of moments that you embrace. Don’t forget to appoint time for intentional silence. You got this, I believe in you & you should too.

Peace & Love,


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