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Image by Florian Klauer

To The One - Thamani Justine

Written to the sounds of Peace Piece composed and performed by Bill Evans

Do I Write Enough for the Divine Creator?

With my face drenched in a puddle of tears on the floor

I blasted open many metal doors.

For my life. For my loved ones.

Prostrate before the Eternal Divine One

I did not live by bread alone.

Oh You are my daily bread

The one I remember when

I open my eyes in bed

You wake me up to new mercies

In the morning.

The Sun shines brighter by day,

The Moon pulls stronger by night.

You always impart your light.

You tell me I’m light too.

Because I come from you.

I adore you.

I adorn you.

My alabaster box of oil

Is always full and ready for you.

I love you.

I cherish every ounce of your being

Gratitude fills my cup

My cup runs over

Blessings top blessings


Way up

Upward bound

We are never down

Never too downcast

To remember you

For your kindness;

I lift you up

Above my pain and above my failures.

Lord my Lord you are everything to me.

Yes everything I have comes from you.

You invited me into the throne room of grace.

My Eternity sits with you.

Peace is my portion forever.

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