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Image by Florian Klauer

Visualize & Feel It. There’s Really No Limits:

No limits.

Not the time, Not the space -

It’s all perception.

There’s always another way.

The opportunities are endless.


That is the opportunities for all things!

The opportunities for all things and all humans are endless.

Wow. I love that for us, I really do.


I was a guest on Treece Alves’ show this past Saturday (11/20)!

Check out her work by the way -

You can catch Treece on air for her show ‘The Music & Motivation Show’

Saturday’s @10am - 12pm

We had a great time on air & she asked me to share an affirmation to close out my interview, this is what I said.

“I am powerful beyond measure! The vastness of water, is the same vastness inside of me.” (See Clip)

The only limitations are that which we have in our mind. Feels Of Foreal is dedicated to help as many humans as possible transform their minds, to knowing it’s limitless power!

Through proper use of visualization, affirmations, feelings and belief - all things are possible!


Now, what do I mean by visualize and feel it?

Well let’s start with a simplistic factor.

We are vibrational beings. We vibrate, and our feelings have everything to do with what/how we are essentially vibrating. When we feel, we vibrate. When we see something, we feel something.


Through vibrating we are operating at a certain frequency & in turn we align with it in this physical reality. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term, the ‘law of attraction’.

Welp, that is essentially how it works.

We vibrate it.

We feel it.

What we feel, we align with.

That’s WHY it is so important for us to master our feelings & be aware of them at all times.


Hence FOF’s slogan, “it all starts with ya feels” because it does ! It all starts with our feels. If you think about becoming a multi billionaire and in the thought process, you channel the energy of fear and an “I can’t” attitude, guess what you’re gunna attract?

Yup. You guessed it. Exactly that. You aren’t going to align self with the frequency of being a multi billionaire! Do note that visualization is nothing without the feeling behind it.You must feel it, to really achieve it.


So with that being shared. What can you do to really visualize & attract your dream life?

Well here’s the hack, intentionally place things in your view. When I say ‘things’ I mean; i.e: paintings, vision boards, phone lock screen, ANYWHERE you can place something that you will see frequently. In placing said thing in your view, you are triggering a thought pattern, a visualization & a feeling all at the same time. Just by you seeing something! How magical is that?

I love being a human!


Because I believe in this concept so much, there will be many events/workshops that I curate to pass along this knowledge.

I am hosting my first ever vision board party, December 5th. You can get your ticket here on in the ‘Events’ tab !!


There you have it.

Keep this is mind, if you can see it-you can live it. Visualize & FEEL your life, because you can. It’s magic & you hold that power. For a deeper view on this attend the upcoming event!

Remember this: the only limits are the ones that you create in your mind! Say yes, Say go. There are no limits to what You can do!

The quote that always resonates with me is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” - Henry Ford


Repeat after me:

“I am powerful beyond measure! The vastness of water, is the same vastness inside of me.”

There you go!

I love you, and all that you are becoming!

Thanks for showing up for yourself!

Peace & Love,


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