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*WARNING*: Not your average blog !

This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

Image by Florian Klauer

Welcoming 2022:

Heylooo! Wagwaan!

It’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


2021 is coming to a close, wow. We made it!

This has been a year of back and forth, new beginnings and stand stills. It’s been a year where we’ve had to mask up, and sanitize every 5 seconds. Oh, and don’t let me forget the fake social distancing. It’s been twisted to say the least, and I truly believe it’s been a bit detrimental to our social life, and a bunch of other parts of life as well. I’m definitely carrying stories with me to tell the grand kids one day!


Besides living in a scamdemic, I feel like many of us have taken full advantage of this time. Meaning, asking the right life questions. Such as; am I doing what I want? Am I happy? Am I hiding a part of me? Is my soul fulfilled?


Listen! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s how precious every waking moment is. WAY to precious for us to just let it slide on by without doing what is most fulfilling.

Now I don’t mean that you need to always be in production mode. Rather, I mean being intentional about your human existence.

Our new mantra is this: “I no longer diminish my power. I stand in my truth!”


All parts of the journey equal the journey. That includes; resting, planning, production, etc. Welcoming 2022, keep in mind that every moment/day/week/month/year is different! Consider this a reset!

Not just a reset that you play around with, but a real one.

A reset that is from the truest part of you.


Everything is about the intention we put on it. In the book, ‘The Power of Intention’ Dr. Wayne Dwyer elaborates on this infinite force that’s inside of us! … if only we use it to our benefit!!

As we welcome a new ‘year’, join me as we set some intentions. This year I will ..

1.) Prioritize self (self care included)

2.) Be appreciative

3.) Cater to inner child (have fun)

4.) Release hurt & h e a l

5.) Indulge in new things


I challenge you to try something new.

Go somewhere new.

Say something new.

In short, just say YES to CHANGE!

Change is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s based on choices that make your soul happy. Take control of your life by picking up the remote and changing the channel! (If you haven’t read the ‘Change The Channel’ blogzzz post, do yourself justice and read it when you’re done with this one.)


In the movie ‘The Matrix’ (the 1st one), Morpheus says to Neo - “Rest Neo, the answers are coming” and as I was watching the movie for the 20th time yesterday - that stuck out to me.

It stuck out to me because in my own life path, I have been telling myself to relax. To rest. To trust in divine flow. To have faith, and to not force myself to know it all now.

Everything is divine & all the answers are coming.

As we flow into 2022. I manifest that we live in ease. We all deserve to have peace of mind by being patient. As we continue to grow and figure it all out, it’s important to give self grace. It’s also important to live in the moment, to know that everything is always in divine and always on time!

Relieve your mind with this knowingness: all you need to be, is all that you are in this moment. (and that’s the truth for every single moment)

Celebrate all victories, both small and large. Getting up and doing laundry, should be celebrated.

Getting up and putting clothes on & eating something good, should be celebrated. All things are favorable! Celebrate yourself in this new chapter, for all you accomplish!

ALSO! The mere fact that you’ve made it this far, overcoming all the obstacles you have! Should be celebrate! There’s that!!


The number ‘22’ represents balance, harmony, resetting, peace, and allowing your inner divinity to flow. So with this in mind, may we glide into this new chapter with bliss and the feeling of royalty. Remember it is all about the intentions you place on all things.

Here’s a small list of activities you can take part in daily to ensure you are catering to self.

Self Care Activities:

1.) Journal (notebooks for purchase in ‘shop’ tab above)

2.) Meditate

3.) Eat Good

4.) Exercise

5.) Disconnect from phone/technology for a period of time (I recommend at least an hour a day)

6.) D A N C E


I am ending this weeks blog, with a journal entry. As you reflect on this past year and manifest for this new one, I urge you to accept everything as is. Acceptance is the first step to rejuvenation!

Journal entry:

”As 2022 approaches, I vow to allowing myself to …”

Have at it. Make a list, or write a story. Whatever you do, just know that it is powerful and you are manifesting the moment you think it, and write it down. There’s no limits!


ALSO! Join me on January 22nd, 2022 - we will be having a vision board party. Space is limited so get your tickets ASAP. Tickets are available for purchase in the ‘events’ tab.

That’s all for now folks, I love you & I love being on this journey with you.

May you feel yourself, for you are love! Toast to 2022 🥂

Peace & Love,

Foreal ❤️

Donations not required but infinitely appreciated!

Cash App: $FeelsOfForeal

Venmo: FeelsOfForeal

PayPal: @FeelsOfForeal


abundant feels. thank you!

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