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*WARNING*: Not your average blog !

This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

Image by Florian Klauer

you bettaaa!

Aight, so boom! I think it’s a beautiful ass time for us to normalize living fully & having fun doing it. I grew up being shyed away from being ‘gitty go lucky’ all the time ....

uhhh HEYLOOOO! Uh uh!!! how about not.


So like I said in my song ‘Content’, “we gon’ wrap up the chaptaaa that doesn’t fit us. we gon’ live in foreal/ness.”


you bettaaa do it,

& get it done 🌱-

FEELS the frequency,

OF love overflow cause,

FOREAL living is fun.

- Foreal | Feels Of Foreal


Can’t nobody fulfill your mission here on earth. That’s your job! it’s important to reiterate this, and I do so very often!! Cause it’s time yo! It’s time ! Time for love to overflow, in all areas of our lives. & that love will overflow when you are fulfilling your mission. Following suit of your purpose !!! Doing what best benefits you.


Of course ! ‘It all starts with ya feeelllss’

so how can you feel love ? think about things that you would love to be properties in your life. such as:

  • a loving relationship with your truest form. (loving all of who you are)

  • a partner that reciprocates that love ^.

  • more money than you need to live lavishly.

  • a happy home.

  • a fulfilling career.

Whatever it is, so be it. Thinking about it, will trigger you feeling that vibration & boom. Among this process you will also visualize said chosen things - because we are naturally visual beings. And that is the package to manifestation Queens & Kings!!!

&&& here is the start of love overflowing. you choose. you move. you feel. THEN THE FUN STARTS. WHEN YOU REALLY START LIVING FOR YOU!


Okay! We are normalizing life being fun and exciting! & choosing our truest form of love (life that feels like love). .. that’s all for nowwww, catch y’all soon.

Peace & Lovee,


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Instagram: @FeelsOfForeal

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