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This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

Image by Florian Klauer

“Your Truth is Your Perfection” & That’s the answer!

I’ve recently realized in this journey of mine, that all along the answer was my truth. It was my truth. It was owning, loving and walking in my truth.

Now the question is what is “your truth”? It is fulfilling your soul! It is divine, genuine alignment with your higher self. It is being authentic in your expression. It is showing up with radical vibes at all times! Whether you demonstrate a soft side or a loud side, it is still radical because it is yours. It is never being dulled down: firstly by yourself & secondly by others.


Dont get caught up in the heee haaa of a society that teaches us all to be alike. Nah. The only time you’ll feel at most perfection, is when you begin to move and glide and feel your truth. Whatever your truth is, or means in every single moment.


One way that I’ve demonstrated this practice in my own life is releasing my first single on thanksgiving 2020! ‘Content-Foreal’ It feels like it was a long way coming, however “I believe in the number three, I believe in divinity, I believe that everything is everything”! (I’ll link the song below)

Putting out the song was like a catapult for me. I’ve always known that I have a message and my purpose is to spread it. Growing up though, it’s like as time passed - I dimmed my voice/light before I could notice it was dimmed dowwwnnn!!! I had to re-teach myself that what I desire, what I feel and what I have to share is all divine: & there is nothing anyone can say to stop the power in my divine purpose.. soooo!!! Yes Yes! I did it & gahhh damn it! I’m gunna keep on doing it. Cause can’t nobody do it for me! & may I include! It feels phenomenal to authentically speak, walk & show up AS ME ! in MY TRUTH!

Chyaaa Feeellss? P.S.A - I have so much gratitude for my King, RoseWil for helping and supporting me to put my song out as well as the music to come! Follow him on Instagram, he has his new project ‘PRJRW 2’ coming out on February 9th, 2021. Woot Woot !!

- hover photo below for pre-save

Now, your truth equals perfection for the prime reason that your truth is divine. It is you and your sole (soul) being agreeing in everything that you do, say, feel, express .. &&& there’s this universal law that divinity is perfection, so I think you’re getting the picture here. Right ?

You fulfill your soul through being your truth.

Perfection can be attained, they lied!


Okay, so thats the challenge this time around. I challenge you to show up in your truth. You will thank yourself, over and over again! Let me know how it feels!

Remember, “Your Truth Is Your Perfection“ - FOF

Follow Feel Of Foreal on Instagram, a lot of feeellllsss shared on there!

Peace & Love,


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