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24hrs in NY:

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Heylooo! Wagwaan!

It’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


We spent 24hrs in NY!!

.. We were supposed to leave at 9am. The moment my mom told me that on Saturday, I chuckled. Just because I already know !

.. of course we didn’t leave the house until almost 2pm!


The greatest part about going on a quick trip for a short period of time, is you don’t have to think about what you’re going to bring too much. You’re really just focused on the experience, the get away & feel good.

That’s how I felt, I’m like hey! All I need to pack is clothes for over night and something to wear the next day. For me, that is ease! It’s ease because I’m an excessive over-packer. To have in my subconscious that I’m going to be there for a day, is a RELIEF for my packing.


The trip was taken with my younger sister Maxine, my mom, and my niece Ella (Maxine’s daughter). We got on the road, and the drive wasn’t bad at all, and I didn’t have to drive (I did offer) so that’s a major plus.

Our reason for going to New York, was my grandfather surprising his wife with a birthday party/a happy 22nd yr. Anniversary! Yea you read that right, 22yrs. I said wow! It’s been that long? I’m 25, so they have been together for all of my life!

She was telling me, how she held me in her hands during their wedding, while my grandfather danced around us both. It really put into perspective how beautiful life is. The journey that is, its so damn beautiful!

& what’s really beautiful is seeing the growth, how things have changed, how things have stayed the same.

I’m grateful for the sense of family, unity and love (real genuine love).


I got to see my aunts, uncles, & cousins, that I haven’t seen for ages!! & reconnect and share some passions. It put into perspective that it’s good to connect with your peoples as often as possible because every-time you connect you’ll be meeting someone new, you’ll be meeting a new version of them.


We ate some outstanding food, you know Jamaicans throw it down! Listened to some outstanding music, danced and had us a joyful time! We even heard speeches from select people about the couple and their impact on anyone that crosses their path. I also, was called up to do a speech, and it was an honor to have something bright to share about them. We had a beautiful night overall, and we’re on the road again the next rising to head back home.


I love New York, the vibe is so different. This 24hr trip, reminded me how important it is to just go. Move. See something new. Do something new. & always enjoy yourself!

It’s always great to step out of the normal daily routine, get uncomfortable and be somewhere else!

I was supposed to potentially do another paint night in Brockton on Sunday. However, it seemed more high priority for me to;

  1. get away & 2. see family

Life is short, and is having two recent deaths in the family made me realize that we need to prioritize connecting with each other.

I have gratitude for my decision and the force that continues to have me choose myself. No more people pleasing. No more doing things because you THINK you have to do it, or because you don’t want to “disappoint” someone or some people.

Here’s a recap vlog on the trip! Enjoy!


So as you flow through your week. I send you with peace & love as always and a new mantra.

“I am consistently putting myself first”

Yes, we are! Remember the power of affirmations and intentions! You hold that! Be your power, Feel your power and let it flow. In choosing yourself, you will always win.

That’s all for now beautiful humans. I love you, peace & love.

- Foreal • CEO of Feels Of Foreal

+ donations:

Cash App: $FeelsOfForeal

PayPal: @FeelsOfForeal


abundant feels. thank you!

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