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This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
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Positive Self Talk

Heylo, Wah gwaan!? It’s Foreal - back at it with some more peace, some more love and some more happiness.


Talking to yourself positively is often overlooked, or perceived as overly positive.

Or like … you’re super time lying if you do. And it’s like no. When you shift your awareness of the power that your mouth holds..

it’s UP from there.


So many people go through of life badgering themselves. Spewing out negative vibrations by: affirming the most heartless things about SELF.


“I can’t do anything”,

“I’m useless”,

“I’m not worth it”

.. It needs to stop.


I cast positive self talk on everyone who reads this blog. Cause truly, in FOREAL fashion .. it could change your life.

Say to yourself:

"I love you",

"Hi Beautiful",

“____ you're doing a good job"

.. The list goes on !!


How to POSITIVE Self Talk:

1.- A lot of this comes from practicing observance of your thoughts. & truly, have grace for self in this department because no one taught you these things as an adolescence - how .. could .. you .. know..


But yea, practice being an observer of your thoughts.. When you think something about yourself that doesn’t make you feel safe, peaceful, and in harmony to godliness…

Change it. Don’t ever feel attached to any of your thoughts.


That’s why we’re here together - you and I - to shift the “this is my life” perspective to bright, infinite vibrations. So be it. #FeelsOfForeal

You can now book a 1-1 reset & recharge call.

-During this call, our focus is lifting your vibration.. using positive self talk is one of the ways we do that. Book a session with your mental & spiritual wellness coach, Ms.Foreal.


Thoughts and words carry emotions.

What you say can either inspire positive or negative feelings.

The power of our mouth, and sound vibrations is so vast ..

It’s something that everyone needs to be in awareness of.


The magic that exists in between these lips, is meant to be used positively not negatively. And the magic is used

Whether we are in control of the vibration of those thoughts is another story. That’s why we’re here though, to readjust.


2. Imagine yourself sitting in a car. The music coming through the speaker is horrid. You reach over to change the radio station. & the first station you change it to, is playing your favorite song.


Wow, do you feel how your mood just shifted? Change the channel. The radio station, whatever you want to call it, change it.


In the split second moment, simply changing the channel of the radio, lifted the vibes.

Think of your negative self talk, as the first radio station that was horrid and after making the DECISION to seek better, your positive self talk is the second radio station that makes you feel good.


See, positively speaking to yourself feels like your favorite song.

When we speak to ourselves, we hear it .. LOL.

& when others speak to us as well, we hear it & when we speak to others, we hear it AND they hear it.

All I’m saying is the “hear it” needs to be a high vibration, it needs to be positive.


If you wouldn’t want to hear it from someone else, don’t say it about yourself... It’s really that simple.

How do you feel about someone calling you ugly? Yea. So why are you calling yourself ugly? Oh I know. Because you’re not feeling the vibration of Godness in you.


God is in you. You think God created you with the intentions to be ugly? No. You were created to embody beauty. You were created in the perfect image of God.

Check out inspirational “todays feels” video from a few days ago! & follow @ Feels Of Foreal on tiktok!


Talk love & light to yourself.

Fill yourself up with positivity.

See things for its bright perspective.

See yourself as the light God intended you to embody.


3. Enhancing daily thought habits, by consistently choosing positive self talk.

Negative self talk becomes transformed with confidence. Confidence comes from talking about yourself positively.

.. The more you choose positive, the more you reap that peace.


Examples of shifting / 😇

From negative to positive self talk:

*From: I suck at ___.

To: This isn’t my expertise & therefore I don’t need to do it.

*From: I’m fat.

To: I want to be smaller, but I love my body for being here now. My body is morphing into its most divine being.

*From: why did you do ___ like ___.

To: Good job for doing the best you could.

Y’all know it’s all about affirmations for me.


Positive self talk affirmations:

+I am enough.

+I am doing the best that I can.

+I am thinking about myself in a positive light.


Forming thought habits that are positive, does not happen over night. However. Checking yourself and changing a negative thought to a positive one, can change your life within a weeks time (even sooner)


Believe me, it’s real power. Speak positively yourself daily. Everyday.

I’m not saying, that at first all your negative thoughts will be formulated.. it takes time. All growth is growth, and all progress is progress.

+ remember we are all in our own divine pace.


Be nice to yourself! You deserve it!

If you’re into positive self talk affirmations, Comment one below - let’s share!


Now, before you go.. this month on the 27th — I am teaching the next journal workshop to get into this topic with more feels, get deeper.


Positive self talk is a lifestyle change.

Click the linkbelow to register for the next journaling workshop.

The theme is >>> POSITIVE SELF TALK.

See ya there.


Your mental & spiritual wellness teacher

I love you. Thank you for being here.

L 💙 V E donations:

Peace & Love,


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Wow, what a beautiful reminder of the transformative power of positive-self-talk. This blog truly resonated with me, as it emphasized the significance of nurturing our inner dialogue and cultivating a loving relationship with ourselves. Each day is an opportunity to choose empowering thoughts and affirmations that uplift our spirits and fuel our growth. Thank you for this enlightening read Foreal!!!

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