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Full Moon, Spring equinox, Aries Season!

Let's talk: Full Moon, Spring equinox, Aries Season!

Heylo, Wagwaan.

It’s Foreal, back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness!


I’ve been speaking alot on my socials, how I feel the shift of the cosmos. I have a deep inner-standing now, of how we are spiritual beings that are experiencing a physical reality. & how everything is connected.


We are fortunate, to have an earth that also works alongside the magic of the universe.

It just so happens that the synchronicity of existing here on earth, provides us the  deliverance of abundant change when necessary!

With that being said...

Happy new year! Happy Spring Equinox!


The new year really begins now, in the season of rebirth. In the northern hemisphere, we start to smell the divine fragrance of flowers — we see grass growing.

We start to have “longer days” or so it seems because the sun in the sky for more hours of the day.

& We have the urge for abundant new beginnings as a new season, springs upon us.


I’ve come to the conclusion that this is officially my favorite time of the year. This is because of what’s represented during this time. After going through the “darkness”, the sun shines again.

If you did the last few months the right way, you were in hermit mode. You were harnessing your energy & preparing to fully radiate. Call it hibernation.


This season - is symbolic to a butterfly in the cocoon for me. After making it through long - dark days, it’s like we made it to the other side.

We cracked through the shell of the cocoon. We made it to Spring Equinox! We made it y’all.


Among this beautiful time to be alive, we are also experiencing a full moon in the sign of Libra. This is going to illuminate how you’re balancing all through life.


You may be feeling called to release. To cry, to let go. You may be feeling drawn to move your body.

You may even, feel inclined to end habits or relationships that no longer serve you positively.

Or you may feel the need to mend relationships that you haven't been giving the right love and support to.


It’s crucial to pay attention to your feels at this time. All that comes to surface emotionally, is shadow work that either needs to be done or has been complete. You’ll be able to tell by the way you feel.

This is why I say — pay attention to your feels! Our feelings are like an indicator to us, guiding us through what needs to be addressed — what needs to be released & what needs to be changed.


A beautiful way to reflect on our personal standpoint in life, is to journal. Divinely enough, I am hosting and teaching a journal workshop on Thursday March 28th, 2024 — in Brockton MA.


The link to get tickets and see all details can be found on the home page here on

I encourage you to join us, as this workshop will focus on new beginnings — reflecting on what needs to be released & manifesting a beautiful harvest in this new season.


This year (2024) .. I feel like those that put in the work will be completely blown away, by the way the universe provides an exponential amount of divine favor. So be one of those people .. Show up for yourself!


Don’t fight the urge to release through the full moon. The full moon being in Libra, expands on how we feel about ourself & our current relations with others.


It expands on how our life is balanced. Is it working?

What habits do you need to let go of? How are you feeling about your relationships? Are they fostering the love and support you need now?

How about your relationship with yourself? Are you still self sabotaging? Are you pouring into you with love?


If you haven’t already, you’ll most likely begin to feel a back and forth — between your death & rebirth. That’s what this season represents.

Imagine a butterfly, emerging from a caterpillar into the cocoon and finally into a butterfly.


Picture yourself being that butterfly. Now is the time to fly. Release all self doubt, release all fear — leave it in the hands of the universe.

The truth is: there is nothing to hold unto. It’s all an illusion because at any given second, you could transition to your next life.


Picture yourself, being bold during this Aries season. Declaring what you want & activating it by saying yes and thank you simultaneously to god.

Be authentic in your self expression, don’t hold back. Remember we are creators, and the most divine way to exist here is to live in constant creative freedom.


Create something. That project you’ve been holding off on, pick it back up.

Don’t pressure yourself - have fun with it, and watch how you feel about your abundant supply of creative energy.


Here are this weeks affirmations:

  1. I release all things that no longer serve me positively.

  2. I am right where I am supposed to be, in order to receive my abundance.

  3. I am grateful for positive new beginnings.


All we can do, is see where we are now & make the decisions that are going to illuminate our souls desires.

The more we make decisions that serves our highest good, the more we live a life that is full and prosperous.


Give yourself grace this week. Rest, cry, scream, journal (get your tix & come to the workshop on Thursday), dance, make art.

I wish you a beautiful week until Thursday! Then I’ll wish you a rest of the week as beautiful when I see you. Okay. Peace & Love’

Foreal ✨

If this resonated with you, feel free to send to a friend and/ or send Feels Of Foreal a love offering, which helps me continue to provide this space & expand. 🙂

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