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Heaven on earth

Heaven on earth:

Heylo Wagwaan, it’s Foreal .. back at it with some peace, some more love & some more happiness!


Listen closely, or read closely.. whichever one feels better.. Listen here though!

All things abundantly align when we surrender. I believe that’s the truest place of living. When you aren’t resisting your true essence.. you’re embracing it. That is heaven on earth.


Our mission here on earth is to reach a place of soul fulfillment. A place of ease in the existence of our truth. That is heaven on earth.


Everything really is everything..

& when you radiate your truth unapologetically.. your soul smiles. Your soul feels most fulfilled when you don’t follow the  urges to do, or go, or flow in any other direction than your truth.


Now getting to this place of ease in the moment, is much easier said than done.

& that’s mostly because of the mind. The mind is a powerful tool, that we have to consistently fine tune.


The mind is a habitual tool, and deciding to see everything as beauty, peace & butterflies .. takes some fine tuning.

It also takes being a little delulu (delusional).

If you stopped and asked yourself.. am I living in hell or heaven? What would be the answer.

See, people have come to terms with believing that placement only comes in the “after life” but the truth is, it all starts here. Now.


You can consistently create a life of either one.. heaven or hell.

What’s your perspective on life? Are you doing things that truly serve your highest good?

There’s many ways we can experience heaven on earth, I feel it truly starts with the mindset.


How to have a heaven on earth mindset:

  1. Gratitude for air, for everything.

  2. Find beauty in the little things. Including things within yourself.

  3. Intentionally do things that feel* phenomenal.

  4. Romanticize everything, treat yourself like the top priority.

  5. Speak highly of your life journey, and your self. Speak life into your life.

  6. Find the silver lining - allow the balance of all, don’t resist.

The list goes on & on. Because? Life is abundant, and there’s many opportunities for us to experience heaven on earth.


You see how it’s just a perspective thing though, right? Jump in... Perceive it, & watch it manifest. Then you swim!

Here’s this weeks affirmations:

  1. I am creating a heaven on earth.

  2. Peace of mind, allows me to live in my true essence.

  3. I am enjoying the life I have been granted, by choosing to be the top priority.

  4. I am worthy of, living a life that I love.


Now, keep in mind that it’s always up to you.  Choose. & after you make the decision, allow all to flow!

The universe is here to expand on whatever you focus on, whatever your perspective is. Monitor your thoughts, and your feelings… redirect them when necessary.


Last weeks blog “breathing through it” is a great reminder on resetting using breathe. That’s always a beautiful place to start.

Well that’s all for now buddies,

Peace & Love.


If this resonated with you, feel free to send to a friend and/ or send Feels Of Foreal a love offering, which helps me continue to provide this space & expand. 🙂

Cash App: $FeelsOfForeal

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Oh one more thing! Register for March journaling workshop! See ya soon!

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