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You create your own reality

Heylo! Wagwaan? It’s Foreal, back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness!

Happy Sunday & Happy new week! May this week be one of those historically great ones!


Now, to the blog of the week.

The reality you live, is created by you.

Essentially when we are kids .. growing up, we are doing this.. even then. Now, yes we do have divine orchestration and things that aren’t necessarily in our power, even then it is too..

However, once it’s possible to have the awareness.. it’s veryyy imperative to use the gift of creation.


We are like a seed of creation. Why? Because we came from the creator haha. It’s really that simple, stop complicating it!

Keep it simple, Keep it real!

The gift of creation is within us all. Some just use it to shape their reality, while others use it to stay in the same negative cycles.


Your mind is like a master of creating, it’s the tool that aids our spirit in materializing things. The first step would be to release doubts.

Remember last weeks blog? There’s no limit to what can have. Ask & you shall receive. Remember?


That’s how it works. 1. You ask, 2. You receive. 3. You shape your reality.

There’s feelings, beliefs and things of that nature that come into effect too but that’s the fundamentals of creating your own reality.


Where you are now, is not where you have to stay FOREVER.

There’s room for change, but it’s almost as if you have to initiate the change.

It's in your power to say, the way this is - I don't want it... you spark a new vibration there.


Focus is like our signal to the universe that says “I like this”. So if you have a habit to focusing on bills, being in poverty, and hating your life.. let me break it to ya..

that’s what you’re going to continue to manifest in your life.


Instead, be sure to focus on greater, better, happier. And you will begin to see the shift in your physical reality.

Don’t hide from the things that are love to you. Don’t shy from the things that bring you peace. Focus on them. Focus on visualizing things, the way you want them to be. While doing this, don’t focus on the things that you don’t want.


Once you realize that you can in fact transform your current situation into being a better fit for you ..

You sore in the abundance of positive opportunity.


Call it the law of attraction! Call it materialization! Etc..

Life becomes more fun, when you realize that you do in fact have a choice. So choose today, and all days.


Choose to be an abundant vessel of positive change .. for yourself.

Don’t feel* powerless, instead channel your power.

You are a walking creator.


Use it for your positive benefit and don’t forget that your focus is peculiar to this process.

I’m excited to hear about how you positively transform your life for the better.

You deserve it. It’s time.


This weeks affirmations:

  1. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

  2. I am allowing golden doors of opportunity, to change my life as I enter them.

  3. I am ready, for positive change

  4. I am the creator, of my own reality.

  5. I am creating, a life worth living.

There we have it. I feel so powerful & I hope that through reading this weeks blog.. You feel the same.

*May this week be beautiful, I’m excited to hear how this immediately impacts your life! Feel free to share!

Peace & Love y’all,

Ms. Foreal

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