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*WARNING*: Not your average blog !

This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

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Trusting Life’s Cycles:

Trusting Life’s Cycles:

Heylo, Wagwan? It’s Foreal. Back at it with; some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


We live on earth right? We do, as far as I am concerned.

I very much so believe that we are experiencing a physical reality to our spiritual realm (word to Avatar)


I also feel as though, because we are in alignment to this plane of existence (planet earth), we are reflections of one another.

Did you follow me on that? We are reflections of earth.

Basically that's what i just said ^, the MUCH simpler terms would be “we are reflections of earth”.


We can find this as a truth in so so so many ways. Creation expresses itself, and this is why nature is such a divine teacher to us.

This blog is here to encourage you to look at your life with the same eyes of perception that you admire and allow nature to do its thing.

The same way that we admire the seasons of trees, with its flowers and then its bare branches. Divine order.


We are reflections of the nature of life. We are living through seasons, and this is reflected; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The peace of living here as a human - comes from surrendering to the cycles. Co-creating; meaning do what you can, when you can - with what you have. Most of all, allow earth to teach you.


3 lessons from nature:

  1. We are living through cycles/seasons.

  2. The greatest gift comes from surrender.

  3. Radiating unapologetically - in every phase is the true essence of living.


It's very easy to get caught up in what we SEE at any given moment in time. It's easy to think that where we are is permanent.

It's easy to feel stuck, to feel stagnant.

It's easy, because we live in a world with so many other moving parts that are also looking to live their life - the way they think is best.


It's also easy to believe in the most high. It's easy to place positive intentions on your life. It's easy to choose the truth. It's easy to feel fluid through all.

Both are easy to do & easy not to do.


Last summer, when I was going through transitions - I remember laying down in a hotel bed and crying out about my situation. I remember feeling so fed up with life, and just wanting to escape.


I learned through that time, how important it is to sit in your feelings. Escaping is cool. But sitting in it, brings about the clarity or closure necessary to take that next step up.


Those moments where you’re down and out - are the ones where you connect to God. It’s where you meet your highest self & you transform. This is only IF you put in the work.


The lesson overall was, embrace the shadow. Embrace the dark, and embrace the shine. Embrace it all. Every season.

There lessons & gains in everything. Perspective is the start.


How to flow through life's cycles:

  1. Innerstand and accept that this is the way things flow, an up and down motion.

  2. Listen to your intuition - This is your life gps (call it map like Dora did)

  3. Pay attention to your feels. Your body, your feelings, your moods - will tell you alot.

  4. Don’t attach to any person, place, or thing. Be open to change. Be fluid.

  5. Embrace every * phase.

  6. Surrender. Leave it to the Universe.


We think we surrender once and it’s done. Haha. I feel like I laugh with the universe everytime.. like oh, yeah. That again!

With the awareness I have now, my life doesn’t seem as heavy. I look at things from hindsight, and don’t get too overworked by anything anymore. I know God got me. I know it's apart of the journey. I take what resonates, what's in alignment & I leave the rest.



  1. I am trusting the flow of my life.

  2. Life is an adventure, and I’m ready for the journey.

  3. All I need to do is breathe, the universe has everything taken care of for me.

  4. I am aligned to, my divine life path.

  5. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

* repeat the affirmations to yourself...write them! live them, feel them!


Okay beautiful people. I’m sending you with the utmost love and peace of mind through this week. We’ll meet again next week with another blog..

We’ll talk again then, unless you have a 1:1 call booked with me. I’ll talk to you double then. Haha. Peace & Love.

PSA: Remember to register for the journal workshop that will be on 3/28/24 - access tickets on the home page!



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