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*WARNING*: Not your average blog !

This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

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Breathe Through It:

Breathe Through It:

Heylo, Wagwaan.. It’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, more love & some more happiness!


Majority of us grew up, not knowing the proper ways to breathe through it. When you properly breathe - it is like an invitation to ease.

I made a video on my “todays feels” series: a series where I share daily videos to uplift, guide, and enlighten you on your journey here (videos are live on social media @FeelsOfForeal).

The feedback from the video I made last week on this topic, caused me to want to share my feels a bit more.


First things first. Breathing is free, because we have air & oxygen all around us.

Breathe is like our abundance gift as humans - before we are even physically out of the womb, breathe is a component to our existence.

Breathe is like, a sign that LIFE is present.

Yet so many feel stuck, not fluid, and suffocated.

Do you know why? Lean in ..


let me tell you why!

It’s because, like I said before majority of us weren’t taught the control we do have. A lot of us grew up thinking that everything was out of our control.


When you feel like things are out of your control, do you know what usually happens?

Your breathing starts to get heavier, or more frantic. You begin to panic, you begin to think of negative outcomes which in turn cause you to breathe with an off - beat rhythm.



When you breathe with an off - beat rhythm, you cause yourself to experience low vibrations - such as: fear, “anxiety”, scarcity, resentment, and the list goes on.


Breathing according to your rhythm, creates an entire different atmosphere.

That’s why, when you’re feeling any low vibration & you take a few deep intentional breaths - you immediately reset your mind, body, energy.

Taking a deep breate, with positive intentions to release that which is causing low vibrations and welcome in things that will cause high vibrations.

When you breathe with an on - beat rhythm, you cause yourself to experience high vibrations - such as: peace, serenity, gratitude and the list goes on.

How to breathe through it:

  1. Acknowledge that something * has your mind, or body on high alert.

  2. Decide to reset it. Whether or not the root of the issue is found. Your spirit to mind / body correlation will now help reset.

  3. Take a slow, deep breathe to calm you down. Letting out a sigh to let go.


Remember, you are attached to nothing..

9.7/10x, if you’re feeling negatively is because your thoughts are focused on a moment other than the present.

Whether you’re focused on the future, or the past it’s not the now.

Breathing gets us to a place of appreciation for the now. It gets us toa place of clarity. A place of peace of mind.


All we every truly have, is the now. Don’t be a silly goose, trying to live in another moment that’s bringing you bad vibes.

Let it go, let it flow. Breathe through it.


Self-assure yourself that everything is always working out in abundance.

The universe really does got you. You need to let it flow though, by breathing full deep breaths.


Also, keep in mind that when you are experiencing new things - it may feel weird at first, because you need to breathe through it.

Allow your mind and body to know that it's safe here, although it's not what we're used to.


Affirmations for the week:

  1. Everything is working out for me, even better than I could imagine.

  2. All I need to do is breathe, the universe has everything taken care of for me.

  3. I am protected, I am loved, I am safe here.

  4. I am in control, when I allow abundance to flow through my body - by breathing.


I feel like this week AND month is going to be beautiful!

May you take these words with you & let me know below, if you’d like to read more on this in an E-Book!

Remember, don’t let it consume you. Breathe through it. You are in control, when you allow abundance to flow through your body.

Peace & Love y’all,

Foreal 👑

Last weeks journal workshop was so fulfilling and I can't wait for the next one. Luckily for you, the tickets are now live! Go ahead and get yours now.

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