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Ask & You Shall Receive

Heylo, Wah gwaan!? It’s Foreal - back at it with some more peace, some more love and some more happiness.

You read the title right? Did you chuckle like I did? Probably not. Haha

I chuckle because it’s really simple, and we just got taught to over complicate it. The divine order that is “ask and you shall receive” is not a cliche at all, it’s abundantly real and available to all that are on the right* frequency.

There’s been stories that have proven this fact - like the one about the genie, and the three wishes. The thing is though, it doesn’t stop at three wishes .. it’s actually infinite.

You can ask the most high for a gazillion things, and you’ll receive. There’s no such thing as a shortage in the universe. There may be a shortage in your mind, but never the universe. Everything is & therefore there’s an ample amount to receive by all living beings.

You will always receive everything you need when you need it, IF you ask and you believe that you deserve to receive it.

How to ask & receive:

1. Get to a place of clarity to decide what you truly want.

  • clarity shows whether or not, what you are feeling you need is from a place of ego or divine order. We want to ensure that we ask for things that are true to us.


2. Ask. Make your wish.

  • when you do this, it’s most effective when done from a state of gratitude. Asking while also giving thanks in advance for the receive.


3. Set it & forget it.

  • after you ask, be patient as you leave it to the universe. Ask and have such high belief that it’s flowing - that you release the urge to know how, when & where. Leaving room for 0% of resistance.


4. Keep your feels positive.

  • when it comes to what you asked for, keep your positive feels on high & don’t switch those feels to negative unless you want to interrupt the flow of your wish.


I’ve been putting this into practice for some time now, and the more I do it - the easier it becomes. Where now it is literally second nature for me to just ask and receive. Sometimes I’ll receive even quicker than I was expecting and it’s because I let go of the need for it to be right here, and right now. I trust in divine order.

One way I do this, is by journaling in my Feels Of Foreal manifestation journal. You can get your own here:


I innerstand that when I ask the most high for something, what I’m going to receive is going to be in my best interest. What I’m going to receive may not even be exactly what I asked for - it may be something better, something more magnificent AND I’m here for it.

If you don't ask, then don't just be waiting to receive. I've come to realize that a lot of times we haven't received what we want, because we simply haven't asked for it. That was a major realization for me, and caused me to ask without end... for EVERYTHING.

I just bring it to God.


I just trust myself & I trust the universe. I no longer am in the feels of questioning it. Why? Because I believe in & I allow for divine orchestration. I have had enough experience to know that I really don't need to sweat. I don't need to worry, ever. I will always have everything I need, when I need to have it.



  1. I am exactly where I am supposed to be in order to receive the favor the most high has in store for me.

  2. I am in direct alignment, to all of the desires of my soul.

  3. May I continue to trust in the power of myself & of the universe.

  4. All I need to do is breathe, the universe has everything taken care of for me.


This week, may we align to the feels of abundance.

Infinite energy, or abundance is everywhere. I

t’s around us, and if we allow it.. we are able to live it.

Don’t let this go over your head.

May the real prevail & remember! There is no shortage in this infinite universe. Your thoughts and feelings may be limited, not the universe.

Allow the abundance of all to be your friend. Register for this month's journaling wokshop.

Peace & Love y’all,


If this resonated with you, feel free to send a love offering:

Cash App: $FeelsOfForeal

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