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Change the Channel!

Heylooo! Wagwaan!

It’s Foreal back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness.


Welcome to this weeks lesson. First of all congratulations to you for showing up for yourself and being here.


Okay, here it is. You know how our phones vibrate? We vibrate the same exact way. Well let me not say the same EXACT way, because we are FAR MORE complex than the vibration of our cellular devices.

However, a lot of times when we align lessons with things that are visual - it’s easier for us to grasp. (we see through our eyes, and seeing brings us clarity.)


So picture yourself in a vibration.

Picture your body literally moving, because it does. All day, every day.

Our vibration is controlled by what we are feeling, and essentially that’s the channel we are on. The channel we are on is what we are pressing play to in our lives. Get it?

Each feeling, each vibration is a channel.

The way in which you vibrate is how you call things to you. You may be familiar with the term ‘the law of attraction’, well this is it broken down.


So now I urge you to ask yourself, what channel is your life on? Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Well. Guess what, you can absolutely always - in all ways change your channel.

There are infinite channels & they are there for us to feel, vibrate, and watch play into our lives.


The channel of your life is, a choice. Yes alot of our lives are based off of the programming of others, until we take the remote and control it.

So let’s initiate that right here and now.

We are taking the remote to our lives and changing the channel(s) to the things we truly want. The things that truly make us happy. The things that truly bring peace.

In life you have to move with your current. Don’t get caught up in something, someone, some place - that you don’t like. Let it go, leave, move on.

There’s more channels for you to explore.

And this is relevant to every single part of life!

As things change, and we evolve - we need to move with what’s moving. Change the channel as often as necessary!


Don’t be afraid of change. You may be used to a specific channel (the way something in your life is going) but that doesn’t mean that’s it’s the best for you.

Changing our vibration is as simple as it is for us to press channel up or down on the remote.

It’s just about us making a decision.

In my song, ‘Content-Foreal’ my chorus starts off with “channel your energy”. That’s my mood always and forever! Put your life on your desired channel!


Do not fret, or shy away from the truth of what you want because you feel like it’s unattainable.

The easiest way to unlock the channel of something, is to think it.

When we think it, we vibrate it, and when we vibrate it we are on that channel. When we are on that channel, all things in regards to it coincide and flow into our physical reality.

3 reasons why you should change the channel:

1.) it’s possible

2.) you deserve it

3.) change is good

The same way, we switch a movie or show we are watching on Netflix … like bing bong, next up is …


For example. The other day I thought to myself, “I really need to get consistent in the gym and be aligned to wellness cause it’s a mindset.”

I immediately went from thinking I couldn’t make time for the gym with my “busy schedule” to simply getting consistent with it.

& now I really be out here going to the gym and feeling good about it.

Just think it & watch how your coexistence with the universe works with you to make it happen.

I use this in all ways, all day. I just think it. I ask for it & I watch it flow into my life.

  • also some more lyrics in my song,

“we coexist with the universe and its always a divine fit!” & THATS THAT!


With ease, we can have all we ever dreamed of. The channel is there, just waiting for us to request it.

So change the channel.

Take the remote & create the life you truly desire.

It takes time to truly align with your truth, because you have to let go of what wasn’t yours to begin with. BUT it’s possible, and you’re going to get there.

You deserve to watch your life movie, and love the experiences and encounters you’re having. Make the decision. Say yes to yourself & let it all flow. Let it flow.


There you have it, this weeks lesson!

See you soon.

Peace & Love,


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abundant feels. thank you!

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