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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I am all that I am ..

The powerful words that most remember hearing from the Bible, or in reference to the words Jesus spoke while here on earth. I repeat this divine phrase of affirmation MANY times throughout my day.


When I see 333 - which is about 7+ times a day. Or when I feel doubt in a situation.. Or Or when I feel powerful for doing something godly, I repeat these words to bring me reassurance. It’s a great tool to have in the life backpack, affirming that is. Tapping into your divine everything will release the blockages of being.

Hmm. Let me elaborate.. but before I do, reread that last sentence ^. In case you didn’t go back, here. Tapping into your divine everything, will release the blockages of being.


The bliss of attracting everything you desire, and blooming into your all be — flows most peacefully when you let go of time constraints and the need to be anything other than what you are right now. It’s a balance, because obviously there’s always room to grow. Right? It’s about being grateful, while knowing that you are ready to manifest even better. & that where you are right now, is divine orchestration. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. That’s a universal truth.


Acceptance can be hard during hard times and even during the good times.. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the BEST.. To be your fully bloomed self. A beautiful flower buddy with large pedals, giving off the essence of beauty. You deserve those FEELS.

Being is supposed to flow naturally, but there’s so many programmings in our world today that shift us from this DIVINE place internally.

So how do I tap into my divine everything?


  1. I reassure myself that I am protected here, in infinite energy. I am loved here, and infinite power lives in me, if I allow it. Affirmations baby..affirmations are the core to my success, foreal.

  2. I also let go. I let go of holding on - to past people, places, things that don’t ignite me positively.

Letting go, and reassuring go hand in hand. When you let go, the fear can still be present and that’s where powerful affirmations come in. Like “I am all that I am”. Knowing that your path is divine, as much as it is individually yours. & where you are now is apart of that divine path.

Now, don’t be a person that can read that verse and hear those stories and n o t feel like that same power that was being exuded from Jesus can’t live inside of you too. Tsss.. Unlocking your potential is fluid with knowing that your potential is infinite.


When I say, read or write “I am all that I am” .. I am reminded of the glory that exists with me. I am co-existing with the Universe/God. With that co-existing, I am creation. The words “I AM” is an identifier — connected to the divine infinite source that has created US & ALL. There’s no limits. & that’s the feels that this phrase of affirmation provides.


There’s no ONE way to be .. the beauty of being is the gift of individuality. So allow yourself to be who you are. Don’t hold onto false versions of yourself, let them go. Tell yourself that you are favored and loved just by existing in your authenticity. Feel that favor. Feel that love. And I promise you, your divine pace will bliss you. You will feel more at ease where you are now. You will be filled with joy knowing that each step, each breathe, each day is connected to your divine blooming. & everyone’s blooming looks different.


That’s love right there, foreal. The fact that — me being all that I am, doesn’t take away from the next buddy being all that they is. That’s because it’s infinite. Being all that you are is feeling like the infinite energy of creation. It inspires more of it, when the feels is genuine.

The bloom, is the journey. We don’t bloom all at once, it comes in phases like seasons. Trust the bloom, believe in your bloom pace. Allowing the bloom to be in its divine pace, allows the most beautiful life. And the feels is, you can choose whatever color you want your pedals to be. Or just be a tree at this point. All I’m saying is, there’s no limit. The choice is yours. Follow the feels that make you smile and warm inside.


You are DIVINE creation, reincarnated as a human & being here you are able to create bliss — over and over again. The key is to enjoy it, and feel like your bloom is in its divine pace.

^Read that again.


I am all that I am.

I am favored & loved just by being my authentic self.

Feel you’re all. Know that infinite power lives in you. And every single day it is growing more and more. Know that you are blooming in your divine pace, and allowing it makes it flow even more so. Let go of had to, should have, or coulda & just be. It’s all divine baby.


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Peace & Love,

Foreal 💙🔅

CEO of Feels Of Foreal

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