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Image by Florian Klauer

New Beginnings:

Trusting the flow isn’t always easy. Living on earth is like a testament to “doing too much without doing enough” & I’m not speaking on the nature of earth. I’m speaking on the systems and programs of the matrix haha. It’s ghetto to say the least, soon it will crumble though.


So on todays Feels Of Foreal News we have:

How to manifest new beginnings.

(Even amongst the chaos)


1.Accept where you are in the now, be present to reflect on whether this is a yay or a nay. You must count it out by calling it out & that is apart of accepting.

2. Claim how you want things to be. What would make it be a yay? How would it be best fitting for you now in this moment? (Keep in mind that things are always shifting in how they may best fit in different moments. Just because it worked then doesn’t mean it works now.) - journaling is a great way to claim and visualize be at the next journaling event or book a 1 on 1 session / plugged link right below:


3.Allow the forces of love to connect - Have extreme, unbending belief and faith in it being the version that best suits your feels. This doesn’t mean that it happens overnight, I mean. As you get better at allowing this sequence of manifesting to be - the quicker things do come to fruition. Believe it, Trust, Know you are deserving & it will. That’s it.


4.Learn yourself. Learn your habits, pay attention to the way you think. Eliminating negative thought patterns, is a major part to the continued fluid motion of your manifestation. You know the phrase “one bad apple..” yea that’s the feels. Your thoughts need to be in alignment to that which you are anticipating as a new beginning - no matter how big or small.


5. Be Patient & Don’t fold! This part right here is it. Because you could have all these previous steps accomplished & miss this one - and it’s like you have to start all over. (Which isn’t a bad thing & essentially - we all do this many times in life). When the goings get tough, do.not.fold. - you are right near the finish line, closer than you think & plus the most high wants you to be happy and at peace.


So there we have it. I promise you, I know it’s not always easy. At those times that it’s hardest though, we are just forgetting who we are and WHOS we are. Source energy. God frequency c’mon. We got this.


I’m going through a lot of transitions right now & maybe we’ll get into that in the next blog. However, it’s a beautiful day to say yes to new beginnings. Feels Of Foreal, always.


  • I am saying yes to my positive new beginnings.

  • I am allowing positive change to be present in my life now.

  • I am grateful to release all people, places & things that no longer serve me positively.

  • I am right where I am supposed to be, in order to receive positive favor.

I love you, Peace & Love.


Your mental + spiritual wellness teacher

Thank you for being here.

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