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The Occasion IS Life

Updated: Jan 17

Heylo, Wagwan.. it's Foreal - back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness. Did you read the title? It reads: "The Occasion IS Life". That's the feels for 2024. Okay? Alright.. now story time.


A couple days ago, I went to this restaurant to order take out for lunch. I ordered a chicken quesadilla & it was pretty good. I just wanted to order take out, so I walked in and asked for a menu to observe the feels of the place and decide what I wanted. After about 7minutes of divine focus on the menu, I decided that a chicken quesadilla would hit the spot.


So> I finally closed the big tri-fold menu that I was studying for the past 7 minutes. I looked up at the young lady behind the hostess desk, with a bright smile indicating to her that I was ready to place my order. She responded by looking at me with a confirming nod, and proceeding to put her hand out to take the menu back.


So, here I am "do, do, do, do" .. I see her hand go out for the menu & I'm like oh here you go. The moment I laid my eyes on her nails, I instantly felt the high frequency of love, beauty and happiness.. haha. If you didn't know, now you know! I am a hugee, huge, hugeeee connoisseur for pretty nails. I'm talking color, shape, design, shine, all of it. Every single aspect. (I am manifesting being a hand + foot model)

Her nails were so beautiful, they really made me stop and stare. Not only was I staring at her hands like a crazy lady, I also said to her "Oh my wow, I love your nails can I see them closer."

& took her hand gently into mine as I admired every single nail and the design, and the shape AND the color. Her nails were absolutely gorgeous.


Me being me, I said to her.. "Is there a special occasion, or is the special occasion life?"


She replied to me "I just like to keep my nails done good." .. I said "Oh, I'm all the way here for that. So the occasion IS life. I love that for you, how beautiful."


I then continued on with paying for my food. She told me it was going to take about 10min, so I went back outside.

Let me tell you, I walked outside with the biggest smile on my face as I thought about the phrase .. "The Occasion IS Life."


Like yes! The occasion is life. To me that represents living a life that is fulfilling. Doing things that bring peace + love + happiness.

Doing it up, all the time - because of existing here on earth.

  • Doing that thing that you've been postponing.

  • Having those hard but necessary conversations.

  • Romanticizing every aspect of existing on earth.

  • Getting a bride style nail set on a regular.

  • Quitting the job you hate & focusin on your dreams.

  • Dressing up to the go to the grocery store.

  • Getting new clothes, getting rid of old ones.

  • Walking in authentic energy, shining in your light.

I mean, the list goes on, because the thing is.. when we were born.. we were granted life and that's the only thing that is a prerequisite to living it up, living large.


It's a mood & I don't know who sold us the dream that it shouldn't be our mood, but let's change that! We were already deserving of the abundance. We were already deserving of enjoyment, and peace in creative expression.

That's what I have to say. Like just yes! The Occasion Is Life.


Affirmations that were stimulated through my experience:

  1. I am deserving of a top tier life.

  2. I am ready to live a life most fulfilling.

  3. The occasion is life ☺️

Affirmations are life changing if used with the right intentions, and a "set it and forget it" attitude. Feel the positivity of a life that is fulfilling. A life where you DO have everything you need + some. A life where you choose the greater version, and not the lesser.


... You feel me?

You feel me on.. “The Occasion IS Life” ??

  • 0%Yes, I feeeels!

  • 0%I feels, but I’m afraid.

  • 0%No, My life is fine mediocre


Side Note: Thank you for patience as I continue to orchestrate the vision board event that has to be postponed from December 28th, 2023.

I don't have all the answers so I'm leaving it to divine. I'll have an update soon, thank you!

Peace & Love,

Ms. Foreal

+ your mental & spiritual wellness coach.

I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a tea and share your thoughts 🎉☕

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