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This is a safe space for sharing and exchanging artz.
!w o r d s are p o w e r!

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“I am worthy” .. words that aren’t familiar in the daily self talk of humans, but we’re here to change that.


Essentially whatever we think and feel we are— is what we are. & seemingly, what other people see/feel about us also. Do you remember the blog two weeks ago on positive self talk? If you haven’t read that one, go read it and come back here to read this.


It’s all in alignment. Talking to yourself positively is truly the message. It’s the key to aligning you with your worthiness. Your royalty — It awaits you.


How to unlock the WORTHY feeling in you:

  1. Reassure yourself of the power in your individuality.

When you think you’re supposed to be like everyone else — you compare and base your success off of others success or even more funny — you base it off of what society says you should be.

You know what I say to that? NO.


God created us all in the same image of him, that is perfection. Affirmations are what really do this reassurance thing for me. & trust, I need to reassure myself alot.


Here’s a few I use:

  • I am embodying my birthright of worthiness.

  • I am embracing my individuality, that’s worthy.

  • I am grateful to embody my most divine self.

  • I am loved, I am honored, I am protected in my authentic feels.

  • I am shining in my light.

(That was way more than a few, you’re welcome.. but l love affirmation buddies)


2. Do your divine work.

Stop doing those things that don’t serve you. Doing things that don’t serve you, causes your vibration to be low — don’t overlook it.


If we all do our divine work, the times here on earth would be so much more peace. Everyone would be happy doing what served their highest self AND fulfilling soul feels at the same time. What a vibration.

I posted this on Facebook:


It's feels. There’s no one you are to be like. Just as there is no one that can be you. We are all here for our own purposes. & There’s only one YOU that can complete that purpose. That’s worthy. That’s rare. That’s one in a quadrillion and some. Wow. Talk about unique.


And you is all that and a bag of chips —when you operate from your authentic self, your divine individual frequency. Be you, hehe. There’s worth in that.


The more you feel phenomenally high about yourself > The more you feel phenomenally high about your life, because it gets to the point of beauty overload - in a good way. Say nice things to yourself. The same way you be bigging up these celebrities — big up yourself.


I was actually having a convo a few days ago with two of my favorite people. The convo flowed into me sharing how highly I thought of myself. I told them that the same way people would treat Beyoncé if she walked into any establishment, I feel I should receive that high end of grace too.


Trust me, I didn’t always think this way. & when I did begin to think this way, it grew over time. I embody royal feels more and more everyday.

Affirmation Plug:

I am worthy, for I am royalty.


I feel that for alot of people, the feeling of worthiness is dependent on what we THINK the outside (other humans) has to say about us. That’s where we separate from the most high. Those low vibrations are just telling you that you aren’t feeling that of God.


What does God, The Universe think of you?

I’ll tell you right now, the universe thinks you are special. Thinks you are created in the image of it. You ARE created in the image of God. Breathe that in take a deep breathe.


Every new level requires a new sense of worthiness. For you aren’t the same person anymore! We constantly die and are born again, a new version. Evolution is always happening inside & it’s reflected in our physical reality.


You thought you were worthy before but now you aren’t that person anymore - and reassuring self is necessary. Reassuring yourself, that you are still worthy as this new version of self.


& you know what’s constant through all of those versions. Being an image of God. AND, being worthy of all of the things you desire as — you are worthy infinite energy in the vessel of a human.


Stick around, I’ll teach you a thing or a million.

Remember who you are. The thoughts and judgements of other humans never mattered, that’s an illusion.

Think of you, how the most high thinks of you .. WORTHY.


I love you, and may this weekend and next week flow in abundance for you.

Oh, yes! Next Thursday 6/29 there are a few tickets left to join us at our monthly journaling event. The theme for this one is POSITIVE SELF TALK. We will unleash our worth by shaping the way we speak of ourselves — it’s going to be magical. So excited to guide you to that special place inside of you. I’m pasting the link below.

Peace & Love,


+ your mental & spiritual wellness coach.

I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a tea and share your thoughts 🎉☕

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