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Things don't happen TO me, Things happen FOR me.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Heylo! Wagwaan, it’s Foreal!

Back at it with some more peace, some more love & some more happiness…

It's flown into my awareness how important it is to reflect on life happenings in the correct perspectives. Everything is to be treated as its own happening.

Alot of times simply choosing to be the victor in the story rather than the victim, is all that is necessary to bring the sunshine in from hiding behind the cloud.

I had the worst year of my life in 2019. Before I discovered that my kidneys were in route to failing, I had been in a mental space of confusion, feeling like I was left in the dust by life. I was constantly running away from my truth, so I was always somewhere doing something. When I got told that I would need to be sitting in a chair, still for three ‘and’ a half hours + 3 times a week I almost lost it. It took me months to finally accept this as my new truth. Even now, I still have moments of dread.

I share this with you for a very specific reason. I have now, actively sat in the chair, still for three ‘and’ a half hours + 3 times a week for the last almost 3 years (omg so many 3’s.. that's one of my fav numbers). Do you think that I go to dialysis 3x out of the week and cry and say why me? No. I don't. I had to decide 3 yrs ago, that I know I will make it through this and I KNOW that the universe doesn't have me here - just to be a cute brown skin girl in a dialysis clinic.

-Things don't happen TO me, Things happen FOR me.-

The time that I've spent, engaging with myself as I sit at dialysis three times a week, has absolutely changed my life for the better. It has forced me to slow down, in an ever quick moving society. It has taught me:

  1. The true essence of growth pains.

  2. Everyone has something they are going through at any given moment, it's all about what you choose to focus on.

  3. In the midst of pain there is always a reason to smile.

  4. Having gratitude for the abundance of breath will instantly lift your mood.

  5. Sitting down, slowing down and enjoying solitude is enjoyable and helps bring clarity.

When you release the noise, you make room for calm peaceful sounds. Those sounds are the sweet melody of the best life you can imagine. Everything is everything. All things occur for a reason. Don’t allow your mind to get caught up in the “victim” mindset.. There is always a way for to become the "victor" of ANY situation.

I am grateful to announce that my situation did not break me, rather is MY STORY that I will use for the positive benefit of humanity. Y'all ready to win & live your best life possible?

You are powerful, and the magic lies in training your mind to the right perspective.


  • “I am powerful”

  • “My mind enjoys peace, thank you mind for being at ease”

  • “Everything happen to me is for my benefit, not against me”

As you flow through the remainder of 2022.. Become the VICTOR of your life. Let go of the victim mentality by choosing to shift your perspective to being the winner not the loser. Shift your perspective by this simple knowingness - possibilities are endless, there is always a way.

I love you, and I am manifesting the most phenomenal December you've ever had.

Peace & Love,

Ms. Foreal

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1 комментарий

Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts
03 дек. 2022 г.

Positive thoughts and thinking are the best remedy for any situation.

wonderful inspiration, continue to shine.

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